This page talks about World History and everything that is up to date.


May 1: Russian troops enter Ukraine and overwhelm the Ukrainian Force currently fighting against Novorossiya. After the capture of Kyiv (Kiev), Ukraine enforce a treaty of Surrender. The Treaty of Donetsk is ratified on May 27.

May 14: ISIS retreats as Russian forces close in on Mosul

May 17: Mosul is liberated

May 27: The Treaty of Donetsk is ratified.

June 2: The Idea of the Nordic Alliance is introduced by Sweden.

June 18: The Nordic Alliance is formed following the Treaty of Gothenburg. Its first and founding members are Sweden, Finland and Iceland.

August 20: Numerous agreements are signed by Russia and Sweden, ultimately leading to a friendly relationship.

August 22: Sweden officially announces its declaration of joining BRICS (Now BRICSS). NATO is shocked at this movement.

August 30: ISIS is ultimately kicked out from Iraq, Kurdi troops march into Van, Turkey.

August 31: Denmark and Norway join the Nordic Alliance following the Treaty of Copenhagen.

September 4: The Baltic States join the Nordic alliance following the Treaty of Riga.

September 13: Syria, Iraqi and Russian forces capture Raqqa, Syria.

September 20: The Nordic Alliance signs the Treaty of Stockholm, which ensures military protection for all members.

October 12: Russians head for the coast and sail for Libya, occupying Sirte in 19 hours.

October 15: Russia, Syria, Iraq and Iran plan the November Offensive, C Counter Strike against ISIS.

October 19: ISIS captures Damascus.

October 24: ISIS attacks the Golan Heights, but it ends in a tactical Islamic State Defeat.

November 3: The November offensive is put into effect after a day's delay due to bad weather.

November 15: ISIS is attacked from all directions, ultimately leading to an ISIL demise. As a last ditch attempt, they enter Turkey and surprisingly it goes well. This begins the Turkish-ISIL War.

November 20: ISIL continues to capture more land and begins to enter Turkish Cyprus, in which it is captured.

November 29: NATO begins it's Northern Cyprus Campaign and recaptures Northern Cyprus from ISIS.

December 2: The November Offensive ends with the Syrian Army pushing ISIL out of Syria.

December 5: The Treaty of Murmansk is signed by Finland and Russia, giving Karelia and Murmansk up to Finland.

December 6: Finland and Sweden sign papers, stating the official release of the Åland Islands to Sweden.

December 14: ISIL is defeated by Russian troops.

December 23: Israel is admitted into NATO via the Ankara Conference.


January 4: The Nordic Space Exploration Agency (NSEA) is founded.

January 13: Referendums are held whether the Baltics, Norway, Denmark and Iceland should join NATO or the Nordic Alliance.

January 21: All except Denmark join the Nordic Alliance.

February 2: Kaliningrad is given to Lithuania.

February 4: Moldova and Azerbaijan join the Eurasian Union.

February 7: Croatia annexes Bosnia, and Albania annexes Kosovo. Republika Srpska is given to Serbia.

February 11: Cyprus joins NATO.

February 13: Georgia joins the EAU,

February 14: Scotland rebels against the UK. Italy seizes control of Tunisia.

February 26: Guantanamo Bay is returned to Cuba. Cuba then joins BRICSS (now BRICCSS).

February 28: Kazakhstan joins BRICCSS (now BRICCKSS).

March 12: Sweden develops the first plasma interval blaster. A fleet of laser drones is created.

March 19: France and Morocco invade Algeria.

March 22: Egypt and Italy invade Libya.

March 31: The Libyan Divisional Crisis begins. Egypt and Italy eventually agree to a deal.

April 4: Israel invades Palestine.

April 16: Lebanon is invaded and divided.